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Notes on using STM32F103C8T6 Blue Pill

An easy way to upload the sketches on the Blue Pill under Arduino IDE is installing an USB HID Bootloader as it’s done on the Arduino Boards

To install the Blue Pill STM32_HID_Bootloader go to https://github.com/Serasidis/STM32_HID_Bootloader

Suggested to use the the USB converter https://github.com/Serasidis/STM32_HID_Bootloader#serial-dongle-version

The low and medium density STM32_HID_Bootloader file has to be used => id_generic_pc13.bin

To upload the STM32_HID_Bootloader file (id_generic_pc13.bin) an easy way is directly to use the CLI version of STM32CubeProgrammer as done by Arduino IDE

The command under a Linux shell is:

arduino_STM32/portable/packages/STM32/tools/STM32Tools/1.3.2/tools/linux/stm32CubeProg.sh 1 /tmp/hid_generic_pc13.bin ttyUSB0 -s

To use the Blue Pill under linux, it is required to install the STM32 HID rules 97-stm32_hid_bl.rules as detailed on https://github.com/Serasidis/STM32_HID_Bootloader#linux-udev-setup

Usefull Links

  1. https://www.electronicshub.org/stm32/
  2. How to Install the STM32 USB Bootloader - Tutorial Video